Commissioners hear update on buildings' infrastructure issues

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Commissioners are waiting on a report on Brown County Courthouse structural issues

Brown County Commissioners Court members took no action Monday after hearing a report on structural and plumbing issues at the Ron Jackson state school, as well as structural issues at the sheriff’s office and courthouse.

Pat McLaughlin, grants and government affairs coordinator, said insurance and engineering representatives spent several hours last week at the state school. Additional inspection is needed, and engineers want to make sure there are not additional plumbing issues, McLaughlin told commissioners.

The county will receive a report from Texas Association of Counties insurance on the sheriff's office structural issues, McLaughlin said.

Commissioners were told last week that cracks have developed in the courthouse and were shown a piece of concrete that fell from the structure.

Commissioners are waiting on a report on the courthouse and also waiting to learn whether insurance will cover the repairs.

"The cracks are due to water seeping into the concrete, freezing, and you get expansion, which causes the cracks," McLaughlin said. "We probably need to look into getting some kind of restoration."

"Something's going to have to be done pretty quick," commissioner Joel Kelton said.