Haynes: Re-election as mayor is 'vote of affirmation' of city's direction

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brownwood Mayor Stephen Haynes (center) presides over a meeting Tuesday morning of the Brownwood City Council. Haynes was elected to a fourth term Saturday.

Three days after being elected to a fourth term as Brownwood's mayor, Stephen Haynes said he doesn't get tired of presiding over city council meetings.

"The council meetings are always interesting," Haynes said Tuesday after a short meeting of the council. "Some of them are, I guess, a little bit ordinary but there's a lot of good things that happen at those meetings too."

Haynes, who was first elected in 2010, was re-elected Saturday, defeating challenger Patrick McLaughlin IV. Haynes received 741 votes (73.29 percent) to McLaughlin's 270 votes (26.71 percent), according to unofficial results from the Brown County Elections Office.

Haynes, an attorney, said he's happy to be re-elected. "I think the election results really just validate what the city is trying to do over the last several years," Haynes said. "I think it's a great credit to the other councilmen. I think it's a great credit to staff.

"It's a vote of affirmation that we're headed in the right direction."

Haynes moved with his family from the Metroplex back to his hometown of Brownwood in 2010. When asked if he'd seen himself then as becoming mayor, Haynes said, "one of the reasons I moved back was to be more involved in my community. I don't know that I would have envisioned becoming mayor as quickly as I did after moving home.

"One of the things I disliked about the Metroplex was the feeling of disconnection from the community. I lived in one place, I worked in another place and I went to church in a third community and it just wasn't the same as living and working with the same group of people all the time."

In other Saturday results in contested elections:

Bangs City Council (vote for 3)

Greg Parrott – 119 (28.27 percent)

Waymond Sheppard – 89 (21.14 percent)

William Loyd – 85 (20.19 percent)

Danny Marney – 52 (19.71 percent)

Marisa Craddock – 45 (10.69 percent)

Brown County Water Improvement District (vote for 2)

Brad Simpson – 510 (35.59 percent)

Bert Massey – 497 (34.68 percent)

Joe Stieber – 426 (29.73 percent)

Bangs ISD three-year term (vote for 2)

Eric Lykins – 296 (37.76 percent)

Dennis Sanchez – 254 (32.40 percent)

Sandy Lehman – 234 (29.85 percent)

Bangs ISD unexpired term vote for one

Joshua Purcell – 275 (52.18 percent)

Jennifer Valdez McCoy – 146 (27.70 percent)

Brooke Loyd – 106 (20.11 percent)

Early ISD  Place 4 (vote for one)

Bobby Brinson – 259 (72.96 percent)

Andrew Castanuela – 96 (27.04 percent)

Brookesmith ISD bond election

For – 72 (22.71 percent)

Against – 245 (77.29 percent)