Brownwood HOSA students win awards, scholarships at state competition

Special to the Bulletin
Samantha Yoder
Vincent Floyd
Naysa Leach
Rylah Morgan
Victoria Ramos

Brownwood High School’s HOSA (Future Health Professionals) students returned from a successful trip to State competition in with many accolades and scholarships.

“It was such an exciting time to be able to present five of our students scholarships on stage at the State Leadership Conference,” said Bonita Deen, health science technology teacher and Texas HOSA Board of Directors past president.

It was an exceptional year for scholarships as Texas HOSA awarded $125,000 worth of scholarships, and all five of the Brownwood students who applied received scholarships totaling more than $20,000,” Deen aid.

HOSA awarded Brownwood student Sammy Yoder a scholarship for $10,000, Vincent Floyd, $5,000, Naysa Leach, $3,375, Rylah Morgan, $3,375 and Victoria Ramos, $1,500.

“The competitive nature of competition is significant at the state level,” Deen said. “To have four students who qualified for Internationals and seven students who placed in the Top Ten is outstanding. I believe this is the best competitive results Brownwood HOSA has had in the past twelve years of competing.”

International qualifiers include Aishwarya Nigalye, who placed third in Epidemiology and advanced in the Health Care Issues Exam; Noeli De La Torre advanced in Health Care Issues Exam; Trinity Sessoms and Magaly Cervantes advanced in Organizational Leadership and will be acting as Voting Delegates for the State of Texas at International Leadership Conference.

The Top Ten Placements at State include Naysa Leach as sixth place in Sports Medicine, Emma Ringer as sixth place in Medical Photography, and Kali Alvizo earning ninth place in Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking.

Each student took home an experience from State Competition. “My favorite part of the conference was HOLA,” said student Trinity Sessoms. “It is an officer training I was able to be a part of because I am the newly elected Area 5 Secretary. Overall, it was a really positive and upbeat atmosphere, and I can’t wait to go back next year.”

HOSA member Noeli De La Torre noted the community which HOSA students enjoy. “I was very surprised that the HOSA social was so much fun, we got to ride a bucking bull machine and learn to line dance,” De La Torre said. “We felt like we knew each other from the start. HOSA does a good job of bringing students together with similar interests.”

While the activities at the conference provided education, community, and a memorable experience, student Aishwarya Nigayle elaborated on the heart of HOSA activities when she said, “I am so thankful to have advanced to International competition and to have been able to learn about a health care career that I had not considered for my future.”

Sammy Yoder, earning a $10,000 scholarship, also found a deeper meaning to the work she had completed. “I am happy I joined HOSA," Yoder said. "My four years as a part of HOSA greatly helped me understand what career I want to pursue while allowing me to obtain my pharmacy tech licensure. This program has helped me become a better student and will impact my future as a health care provider.”