Brownwood officer speaks at Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brownwood police Lt. James Kidd speaks at the Law Enforcement Luncheon Friday, hosted by the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce and Early Chamber of Commerce at Victory Life Church.

The annual Law Enforcement Appreciation luncheon Friday featured Brownwood police Lt. James Kidd, who talked about his recent experience as a student in the FBI National Academy.

The Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce and the Early Chamber of Commerce jointly hosted the luncheon at Victory Life Church in Brownwood. 

Law enforcement personnel from multiple state and local jurisdictions attended with family members.

Kidd graduated from the 10-week academy, which was held on the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Virginia on March 17. Selection to the academy is a highly competitive process and fewer than 1 percent of law enforcement officers are able to attend.

Kidd used humor to describe the adventures of Class 281, which consisted of students from around the world. Students arrived following a massive snowstorm and parked a quarter-mile from the academy, and carried luggage "on our back and in our teeth," Kidd said.

"It was kind of like a college dorm type atmosphere, except for all of the Apache helicopters flying around," he said.

Kidd had two roommates -- one from Florida, one from Indiana and one from Pakistan. The Pakistani told stories of being kidnapped by ISIS and escaping.

 The academy include "pretty tense" physical fitness which included a six-mile obstacle course whith Marine drill instructors "yelling at you ... cheering you on," Kidd said.

Kidd met officers who'd responded to the Boston Marathon and Oklahoma City bombings and the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Kidd said there was discussion and debate on whether law enforcement should serve its communities with a guardian or warrior mindset. He applied the discussion to leadership style.

A guardian mindset is more protective of the people he leads, where a warrior mindset fight for the interests of those that they lead, Kidd said.

"I've seen both attributes within our community and within our law enforcement," Kidd said. "We need to take these attributes a little bit further by developing a guardian mindset, a warrior spirit and a servant's heart.

"With a guardian mindset, you'll guard what's important. builds relationships, discover your purpose and help others achieve theirs. With a guardian mindset, you guard your values, you guard your integrity and you guard your character. With your character comes a warrior spirit. As a leader you will fight battles every day. You'll be fighting battles to maintain your commitment, to maintain your honor and to maintain your integrity."

Kidd referred to "an ongoing spiritual battle because the enemy's always attacking.The warrior spirit is not the attitude  of conqueror but to do what is right and to the best of your ability. And probably the most important attribute is having a servant's heart."

That mindset is to love, serve and help others, to "celebrate your success and seek out and celebrate the success of others," Kidd said. "As a leader you get to set the example." 

Meal sponsors for the luncheon were TexasBank, AccelHealth, Blaylock Funeral Home, Brownwood Music Company, Citizens National Bank, Kohler Company, McCluskey & Associates Real Estate, and River Crest Hospital.