Early High School Band wins UIL Sweepstakes Award

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Brownwood Bulletin
Early High School Band wins UIL Sweepstakes Award

The Early High School Band went to UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest on Wednesday in Hamilton and earned 1st Division ratings from all six judges. The judges had wonderful comments about the band’s performance, including:

-“A very musical performance by a fine band.”

-“Well prepared, great performance!”

-“I enjoyed your performance!”

-“Excellent performance!!”

-“Great band sounds today from all sections.”

-“Great job! Glad I got to hear you!!”

These 1st Division ratings earned the band the coveted “Sweepstakes” Award. The Sweepstakes Award is given for earning a 1st Division rating in marching, concert, and sight-reading contests and is the most prestigious award that the UIL can bestow upon a music program. This marks the third consecutive year the EHS Band has earned a Sweepstakes and the first time the band has ever earned three in row!