Commissioners Court unchanged

Kevin Holamon
Brown County Commissioner Joel Kelton, right, talks to Assistant District Attorney Sam Moss, at the Adams Street Community Center during ballot counting Tuesday night. Kelton was successful in his race against his challenger, Adron Beck. Moss defeated incumbent Frank Griffin, for the County Court at Law bench.

Only two of the four Brown County Commissioner seats were on the ballots for the primary elections. Two candidates filed as Republicans for Precinct 2 and two as Republicans for Precinct 4. No candidates filed on the Democratic ballot. The challengers in both races had previously served on the Commissioners Court.

In Precinct 2, Adron Beck challenged incumbent Joel Kelton. 470 cast early ballots in the race. Of those, Kelton received 242. When all votes were tallied, Tuesday night, Kelton was triumphant, capturing 54.82 percent of the vote, 512 to 422. Unless a candidate files as an independent, which must be done by 5 p.m. August 18, Kelton will be sworn in to retain his seat in January.

Kelton was contacted by phone, Tuesday night, for comments on the race.

"I'm glad it's over," he said, "I was nervous the whole race."

Kelton added that he appreciated the "good, clean race."

"I appreciate all the voters who voted for me and I'll try to do the best job I can, going forward."Beck was not reached by phone, after the polls closed, but did make a brief statement at a gathering at the Early Chamber of Commerce meeting room.

"I appreciate everyone who came out tonight." 

Referring to Roy Parrack and Brenda Arp, who were present and had just learned they were both presented with runoff elections in their respective races, Beck added, "These are two good candidates and you need to stick with them."

In Precinct 4, incumbent Larry Traweek was challenged by David Carroll. Traweek had captured 411 of the 637 early votes and retained his lead through the night, finishing with 66.46 percent, 878 to 443. Like Kelton, Traweek will retain his seat, provided no independent candidate files for the November General Election.

After the votes had been counted, while at the Adams Street Community Center, Traweek spoke to Bulletin staff.

"I appreciate all of the voters," he said, "There's a lot more to being commissioner than infrastructure, but it seems this election was all about infrastructure."

By phone, Carroll offered the following comments.

"I want to first congratulate my opponent on the race. Obviously, I'm disappointed, but the voters expressed their belief in who they wanted."

He added, "I gave the voters a choice and that is important."