Primary runoffs May 27

Kevin Holamon

Texas is among eleven states with laws requiring runoff elections in the primaries. Here, it applies to all primary elections and is required when a candidate does not receive a clear majority of the votes. To win a primary election, outright, the candidate must garner at least 50 percent plus one vote. Other states limit primary runoffs to specific races. North Carolina's magic number is 40 percent plus one and South Dakota's laws require runoffs in only the U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, and Governor races, in cases where no candidate receives 35 percent plus one.

Texas's May 27 runoff ballots will be full and Brown County's will include three local races. 

The Republican runoffs, with their respective vote tally percentages are:

*Lt. Governor

Dan Patrick  43.29

David Dewhurst  27.32

*Attorney General

Ken Paxton  43.09

Dan Branch  32.24


Glenn Hegar  49

Harvey Hilderbran  28.11

*Agriculture Commissioner

Sid Miller  38.14

Tommy Merritt  20.8

*Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian  40.91

Ryan Sitton  32.9

On the Democratic ballot:

*U.S. Senator

David Alameel  48.6

Kesha Rogers  21.03

*Agriculture Commissioner

Jim Hogan  39.76

Richard "Kinky" Friedman  36.43

Three Brown County races will appear on the Republican Party runoff ballot:

*District Clerk

Cheryl Jones  45.31

Brenda Arp  34.77

*J.P. Precinct 2

Bob Wall  40.85

Michael Holder  37.23

*Constable Precinct 3

C. T. Ham  35.95

Roy Parrack  35.89