Northwest in full swing after break

Kevin Holamon | Brownwood Bulletin
From left, Miranda Rincon, Jadie Sudderth and Abigail Robbins joined other Northwest Elementary third graders in the Roving Chef program Tuesday, creating a meal for themselves.

Returning from Spring Break, the students, teachers, and staff of Northwest Elementary jumped right back into the thick of it. Monday kicked off Super Science Week, with activities in the cafeteria during the afternoon and on Tuesday, a group of third graders participated in the Roving Chef program.

14 students were selected to participate in Roving chef, which began just before 10 a.m. They first received a tour of the school's kitchen, conducted by the staff of Southwest Foodservice Excellence.

Then came the hands-on fun. The SFE Director of Dining Services for BISD, Chef Jeff Bjork, assisted by Leander ISD SFE Associate Director, James Acuna, guided the students in creating their own personalized calzones. Each student got to select their ingredients and apply them to the prepared dough. Once complete, Chef Bjork placed them in the oven, to be ready for lunch,

Both Chefs took time afterwards to discuss the nutritional values of the ingredients they had used and Principal Candace Wilson even turned it into a mini-science project.

Beginning Monday, the kindergarten classes are having science project demonstrations each afternoon. Tuesday's demonstrations took the students outdoors, where they experimented with different bubble making solutions. 

Wednesday, they will learn about the five senses and Thursday the kids will go back outside to see a volcano in action.