BAA brings Munster Madness and kids art classes

Kevin Holamon | Brownwood Bulletin
BAA brings Munster Madness and kids art classes

"Attention artists (and their parents)!" 

So began the press release from the Brownwood Art Association, announcing their new art classes for kids who are interested in developing their artistic talents. Even if they have never done art before, this is the perfect time to start.

"We've had a lot of interest," said BAA President Tommy Munster, "so we're excited to get these classes started."

Beginning April 1, and every Tuesday thereafter, the BAA will host classes from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. for ages 8 to 12. Each Thursday, on the same time schedule, the classes are reserved for ages 13 to 16. All classes are limited to 10 students.

Each session will be a full month and each month will present a new subject, eliminating the need to commit to several months at a time. The class will be $40.00 a month, but supplies costs will vary, depending on the subject. 

The classes will be at the Brownwood Art Association Gallery, located at 215 Fisk Ave., and will be taught by Howard Payne Alum and Art Communications Major, Kelsey Duvall.

For more information classes contact Tommy Munster at or the instructor, Kelsey Duvall at or call (325)203-0658.


Saturday evening, from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., is an opportunity for parents to take their kids by the BAA, for a feel of what they have to offer. The gallery will host "Munster Madness," a solo exhibit by Bangs artist and newly elected BAA President, Tommy Munster. 

Munster has been creating art since 1982 and says he was "inspired by the strange disappearance of his cupcakes by an unknown monster." 

He describes the evolution of his art, in his own words, "Munster has spent the last 6 years traveling down the dirtiest alleys and forgotten roads. Searching for the scariest and cutest monsters unknown to mankind. Munster has been able to document his findings through art from Texas to Boston. Munster adventures will continue till the notorious cupcake bandit has been documented for the world to see."

"I will be displaying a variety of new art from cupcakes to monsters!" Munster said, adding "This art show will be a bit different. I hate going to shows and seeing art I can't afford, so the majority of small art will be $25 or less."

Münster will do live drawings beginning at 7:30, "until the last person gets an originals drawing."

He will provide color sheets for the kids to take home and create their own masterpieces.

For more information on the Art Association visit their website at, email, or call (325)641-2916.