Brownwood City Council awards bid for Fisk Street rebuild

City of Brownwood

Brownwood City Council members awarded a bid Tuesday of just under $1.27 million to Prater Equipment of Comanche for the reconstruction of Fisk Street in downtown Brownwood.

Prater submitted the lowest of two bids received, council members were told.

The Fisk Street project will be 4,030 feet in length and 40 feet in width, between Austin Avenue and Main Street. The traffic signals at Adams, Baker and South Broadway will be upgraded to comply with ADA standards, and there will be additional curb ramps and upgrades to sections of sidewalks at the intersections and driveways to comply with ADA.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-April and is expected to take 12 months. Letters will be given to affected property owners in advance of road closures to help them plan and notify customers.

The project will be funded through the Certificates of Obligation sold in 2012. The Certificates of Obligation contained funds for several improvements including street repair.

Council members were given details at an earlier council meeting including:

• Construction will be in sections of two or three blocks at a time, except for the milling of the top surface, which will be done all at once. 

• Each block should not be closed to traffic for more than a week at a time. Parking will remain available on side streets.

• Demolition and construction of the 87 ADA ramps at intersections will take the most time. Rebuilding the ADA ramps is a requirement of the federal government and is "outside our control," Mayor Stephen Haynes said.

• The three traffic signals at Adams, Baker and South Broadway will be upgraded to comply with ADA standards.

• There will be additions and upgrades to sections of sidewalks at the intersections to comply with ADA.

• There will be no changes to existing street lighting.

The road will be excavated about one foot along the curb and more along the center (depending on the depth of the material at the center of the street) except for the section between North Broadway and Adams Branch, which has already been rebuilt by the Street Department.

In other business, council members:

• Approved a resolution for a Texas Department of Transportation Aviation grant for a business development and land use plan for the Brownwood Regional Airport. The $75,000 grant requires a 10 percent city match.

• Approved spending up to $18,000 from reserves to replace two 20-ton compressors for the HVAC system at City Hall.

• Consider ratifying Brownwood Economic Development Corp. action to fund a potential project for a new manufacturing project owned by the Brownwood Industrial Foundation.

• Ratified earlier action by the Brownwood Economic Development Corp. related to Brownwood Clay Holdings and the Brownwood Industrial Foundation.

The BEDC will pay a $25,000 option fee to the industrial foundation so Brownwood Clay Holdings can secure property. The funds will be used for expenses including site preparation, legal easements, easements and appraisals.

• Heard Brownwood City Manager Bobby Rountree give updates on construction on the new central fire station and plans for the new soccer complex, as well as reports on the Biggert-Waters flood insurance act and Stage III water restrictions.

• Heard Haynes read a proclamation that March is Social Work Month.