Woman awaiting sentencing in DWI case taken to hospital

STEVE NASH steve.nash@brownwoodbulletin.com
DWI trail

Brenda Kay Holland, who was convicted Wednesday of felony DWI, was taken to Brownwood Regional Medical Center Thursday morning as jurors prepared to hear attorneys' closing arguments in the punishment phase of her trial.

Holland, 61, became "unresponsive" as she was driven to court earlier Thursday morning and her condition continued to deteriorate, Holland's attorney, Landon Thompson, told District Judge Steve Ellis.

Guardian EMS transported Holland in an ambulance, and court was scheduled to resume at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Conversations among lawyers in the courtroom indicated Holland's condition might have been related to her diabetes.

A 35th District Court jury deliberated for just minutes Wednesday morning before convicting Holland of DWI — her 10th drunken driving conviction since the 1970s, according to testimony.

Initial testimony in the punishment phase of the trial indicated that Wednesday's conviction for drunken driving was her ninth since the 1980s. But additional testimony indicated there was a 10th conviction, with the first one in the 1970s.

Holland was allowed to remain free following her conviction Wednesday, and she arrived at the courtroom Thursday morning wearing a neck brace. She was taken to the judge's chambers to await the arrival of Guardian EMS.