OPINION: God Bless America, please?

Larry Shields
Opinion contributor

Will politicians ever again focus on issues that concern the citizens that elected them and pay their salaries? 

It is perfectly normal for two "competent" adults to disagree without creating hate and animosity! Married couples, siblings, churches and everyone disagree on certain subjects and it is OK, that's the way it should be. Varying opinions is how we get ideas and learn from each other about race, religion, politics and issues that influence our life and form our own personal agenda, but still love and respect other views. 

But we have become so dogmatic in this country. Dogmatic is a characteristic of asserting and insisting upon unproven and unexamined ideas in an arrogant manner. We believe what we "choose to believe" without research or proven facts to establish the truth? We mostly believe what someone we admire says, or rumors that uninformed social media has published; consequently, making us look genuinely ignorant. 

Example: Many intelligent people actually believe that Obama never had a birth certificate simply because that's what was rumored or some biased talk show host reported as fact. 

How is this logically possible? How is it documented where he was born and his actual birth date if there is no birth certificate? Think for yourself. You can't even acquire a drivers license or a fishing license without a birth certificate. How unmindful is that? Obama ran in five US elections since 1996. Two of those were US presidential elections and nobody ever checked to see if he was even eligible to be a candidate when he registered to run? Five times? That birth certificate rumor was a big issue for those first four years he was president. Then he campaigned for reelection for over a year and nobody questioned a proof of birth certificate for eligibility for over a year? He won election again, and we accepted an ineligible US president for a second term? How competent does that make us look. That's just one of a multitude of thoughtless hearsay or vindictive rumors we choose to believe. 

Amazingly, we tend to not believe substantiated news networks that are labeled "fake news," yet we "choose" to believe any social media and Facebook cesspool gossip that anyone can "make up" with no research or intelligence required. Are we too lazy or incompetent to research, fact check, think for ourselves and make a proficient decision? 

Two of our last four presidents have been impeached! (hasn't happened in 130 years, and only one in 210 years). Both parties verbally crucified the other for intentional wrongdoing while in office. The, both parties willingly allowed their leader's unlawful misconduct and accepted the behavior as a mistake. Intentional wrongdoing is never, ever a "mistake"! Remember, hypocrisy is easy to identify. Just exchange the names. 

Two of the last three presidents won the popular vote, but lost the election? That hasn't happened in 112 years. What is our duty and right to vote for? What is our great country becoming? How can we make America great again now? We better somehow find qualified, experienced, moral, patriotic leadership soon. Multiplied thousands of great business leaders in this country, and we can't find one person more honorably qualified and more competent leadership than these choices? Unbelievable! 

The first few days after the horrific 9-11 terrorist attacks on US soil is an excellent example of how we should believe and behave. Race, religion and politics were insignificant. We were family, we were Americans and we were all Christians. We were one great country for a few weeks and stood firmly "together". They will have to fight all of us! Now, unbelievable, we are at verbal and mental war against each other; dogmatic demonstrations and flagrant disrespect for other citizens and property. Deliberately abusing our safety and freedom that many have died to secure. Take an unbiased look at our society and leadership now; heavily infested with hate, greet, bitterness, racism, narcissism and dogmatism. How we forget and drastically change in less than 20 years. 

Think it over. George Washington was elected our first president in 1789. Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. In that more than 200 years, American had one sitting president impeached (Andrew Johnson in 1868); 130 years before Clinton. How we have two impeached in the last 21 years? Many knowledgeable dogmatics are unaware that Clinton was even impeached for lying. Impeached means charge with misconduct and as we now know, it's a very high bar to have an incumbent removed from office. But, by reelecting an "impeached" president we are willingly admitting that lying, abuse of power and willful wrongdoing has become acceptable in this great country. 

Where are the real men; stereotype, courageous leaders like the great Ronald Reagan? What happened to integrity, honesty and respectful, mature adults participating in presidential debates on issues that affect US citizens? Instead of impertinent, childish name calling and enormous insecure boasting. 

Again, it's perfectly normal to respectfully disagree and considerately debate critical issues. That's what educates us and makes America Great! 

We all disagree on taxes, abortion, immigration and such; and that's the way it should be, opinions vary, but we absolutely must agree on getting our American back to morals and ethics it was built upon. 

Personally, I will follow George W. Bush's demonstration. I will not vote for either presidential candidate in 2020. My grandmother always told me "if you don't vote, you can't complain." I say, "I don't vote because I have more complaints!" People tell me if I don't vote for their candidate, it is like a vote for the opposition. But I never get an adequate explanation of how could this possibly be true. Neither one gets a vote. If that is true, surely it works both ways. Just another thoughtless, brainwashing scare tactic. 

I am proud to be a Christian and proud to be American, but currently experiencing a national embarrassment in government politics. 

Make America Great Again, please. 

Larry Shields is a resident of Early, Texas.