Brown Constable position

Robert A. (Bob) Beadel Sr.- Brown County Constable, Precinct 1

The Primary Elections are here and there has been much coverage by the Brownwood Bulletin staff and that is deeply appreciated! As in all elections there are misrepresentations of facts/issues. Having had the privilege of serving in one of the Brown Constable position for over 30 years I am concerned about some of the information that has been going around and I feel that the voters of Brown County need some factual information from my experience and knowledge. ALL constables are certified through the state Texas precisely and exactly as are all licensed peach officers (Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers, Game Wardens and Lake Patrol). The basic training is the same for all of us. There are two types of law enforcement issues Criminal (self-explanatory) and Civil (divorces, guardianships, tax suits, law suits and Attorney General Child Support papers. The Constables of Brown County work very closely with all agencies to enforce the laws of the state. In 2009, the Brown County Constables and the Sheriff’s Department worked out an agreement to strengthen law enforcement in the county. The purpose of this agreement was that the Sheriff’s Department officers would focus primarily on Criminal Activities and the four constables would focus primarily on Civil Activities. With the signed (and approved by the Commissioner’s Court) document the constables would serve the majority of civil papers from the courts — including Brown County, other counties and other states. Being a Brown County Constable IS A FULL TIME JOB. One of the candidates running for the office claims it is not. Based from my own records and experiences, I work various hours to get the job done. Sometimes I have to attempt to serve papers — especially divorce and AG paper — several times over several days to make sure that they are served. Some days I may only put in 5 or 6 hours BUT most of the time I work 8 to 14 hours a day. Sometimes only 4 or 5 days a week and others 6 (state law limits papers that can be served on Sunday or holidays). Many papers that are issued must be served immediately — not when we have the time. Some at 6 a.m. and some have been as late as 11:15 p.m. Most of my weeks I work 50 to 60 hours — a huge amount of that time on required paperwork to finish a case. I am very good friends with two of the three candidates running for Constable this year and while one of them has had a great career in Criminal Matters, he has had little or none on Civil Matters. With his background he could surely learn the civil portion of law enforcement through the required schools/seminars that we must have. He has many, many training hours in Criminal Activity BUT THE INCUMBENT has had an ENORMOUS amount of state required SPECIFIC Civil Process Training to do the job that is required by the oath we all take. Brown County deserves and needs to continue with a seasoned peace officer that has been in this business for many years gaining the required knowledge. Constables in Brown County are not allowed to have deputies so there is no on the job training as there is in other counties. Being a Brown County Constable is a FULL TIME position. The main thing for the citizens of Brown County is to get out and vote Tuesday, March 4, 2014!

Brown County Constable

Precinct 1

Robert A. (Bob) Beadel Sr.