In support of Bob Wall

James A. Johnson of May

I keep hearing all this negative talk about various people who work and try to support the North Lake Subdivisions so here is my comments.

I have worked with the Subdivision of Tamarack Mountain for the last twenty plus years.

It takes hard work and a lot of hours to collect the dues to maintain the Associations Roads, Swimming Pools, Boat Docks Bathhouses and Parks. The County does not maintain the streets in the Associations. Of course Tamarack Mountain has the best streets in the North Lake community. When Owners don't pay their dues we have to go to the small claims courts to collect.

My experience with the J P Court; Judge Bob Wall and others has been very helpful in the collection of dues as specified in the Owners Association By Laws. Judge Bob Wall has not always ruled in our favor. However he does rule according to the law if you have your paperwork in order and you are following the Restrictions and By Laws as set forth by the developers as amended by the membership at their annual meetings.

We have the best ratio of dues paid of any of the Associations. The reason being the support received through the Small Claims Court presided over by Judge Bob Wall. He just upholds the law.

I think a lot of the people in North Lake know me and what I stand for. I appreciate your support which I have received in other efforts.

Thank You,

James A. Johnson