Why I am a republican

Mickey Mathis of Brownwood

A writer to the Brownwood Bulletin once blamed all the ills in this country on the Republican Party. Statements like this are ill informed rantings of someone who apparently doesn't want to become informed about the real world we live in today. They clearly don't understand the historical underpinning of the party or the platform upon which it was built.

The Republican Party came into being because it was dedicated to the abolition of slavery. In 1860 the Republicans won with the election of the sixteenth president, Abraham lincoln. Despite the corruption of power, compromise rather than leadership, and the actual abandonment of some of our core principles the party remains closer to the founder's ideal of what America and Americans should be.

I was raised a Democrat, in the tradition of most seniors in this Central Texas. It was difficult for me to leave the party. But many years ago Democratic Party was hijacked by Socialists/Anarchists Marxists who want to destroy this country and our way of life. They are well on their way with Dear leader in office and millions of potential illegal alien voters. Skeptics should read The Shadow Party, written by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. This books outlines how George Soros, and the sixties radicals seized control of the Democratic Party and have moved it further and further to the left for the past fifty years.

During this time “progressives” infiltrated the American political, educational and cultural institutions. Funded by billionaire Soros, union and foreign interests, this movement has divided this country, and undermined unity and bipartisanship which once was common when our country.

Radical progressive leaders and urban terrorists and unions have joined together to create pressure from above and below. Pressure below is characterized by rioters, strikers and protesters loudly clamoring about anything and everything. Radical progressive leaders pretend to be appeasing the widespread clamor from below as they enact laws, regulations, and executive orders in their mission to change this country.

Eighty two Socialists sit in our congress today under the guise of the Democratic Party. Hundreds of millions of union Dollars go into elections to push and shove “Progressive Democrats” into office to further their cause. Their motto is “top down, bottom up, and inside out.” Through a series of legal, financial, political, and educational movements, they have taken over the Democratic Party of old. Through voter intimidation and fraud, media control and all out criminal actions, the Democratic Party now belongs to those who will change this country into a Socialist/Marxist radical entity. As the leaders of the radical group “Move On” stated, “Now it's our party. We bought it. We own it.”

Subversive actions are not limited to the Democratic Party, but are much more prevalent there. Those we conservatives often refer to as “Rino's, are Republicans participating in this movement. They are more interested in their own personal power and re-election than they were ever interested in what is right for the United States.

The national outburst of angry people evolving into the “Tea Party” is a direct result of people awakening to the planned destruction of this country. Their action drove the 2010 election, and they remain a viable force. These are conservatives at their best, those who believe in a balanced budget and checkbook, less government intrusion in our lives, and more integrity and honesty in government. They are the new growth on the old Republican tree and perhaps can pull the Republican Party back toward its basic roots.

Yet I do believe the Republican Party remains closest to the founder's dream for the country they created with pride, fought for with determination, and protected with their lives.

As a Republican, I believe the Federal government's FIRST responsibility is to protect the lives, property and freedoms of its citizens. I support a strong national defense.

As a Republican I believe in the individual and in individual rights and responsibilities. I oppose nanny state politicians who want to control us from the cradle to the grave.

As a Republican I know it is the private sector that creates lasting prosperity and wealth. When the government puts money into the economy, it must first take money from the economy through taxes and borrowing. The government then doles out money to special interest groups, throws it down the toilet through waste and fraud, and apparently cares little about what is I be best for our country. Free markets and free enterprise are the economic engines that have provided the best standard of living in the world. Without property rights and economic freedom, there is no political freedom. All other systems have provided only poverty and repression.

As a Republican, I believe in the sanctity of life, but also believe there are crimes that warrant the death penalty. I believe in lower taxes, and freedom of speech and religion. I believe this country was founded by Judeo-Christians, and is the hallmark of this great country. I do not see religion as oppressive, but as a motivator to do good. I resent any person or agency attempting to remove evidence of the Christian Faith from city, state, or federal institutions.

As a Republican I believe that welfare is a temporary form of relief, not a lifestyle or something to be passed on. I do not believe in the United Nation where we pay most of the bills, give aid to 152 countries, and ninety percent of those country's leaders vote against us ninety percent of the time.

As a Republican I believe in fiscal responsibility in government. Both parties have strayed from this principal, and I believe our party must now bear the responsibility for the fiscal mess we are in and find the discipline to bring this country back from the cliff. We have seen what happens when any political party gains full control of the government and begins to reward favored groups.

Finally, am a Republican because I believe this is the best country in the world, and we have much more to be proud of than to apologize for. We have come to the aid of country after country, asking only for a small place to bury our dead, as we have helped free them from oppression. I am a Republican not because I'm rich. I'm a Republican because I have personal values.

Mickey Mathis