West Central Texas Texas Silver Haired Legislature say thank you

Nancy Byler, Brownwood Area- Texas Silver-Haired Legislative Representative, West Central Texas

West Central Texas Texas Silver Haired Legislature wants to say, “Thank You,” to each individual or company that had a part in making our Town Hall Forum a success. We had a vast of knowledge of aging issues in one room at Adams St. Community Center! Thanks go to the City of Brownwood for furnishing the location, Area Agency on Aging, SHL Foundation, Adult Protection Partner’s Board, Brady Home Health Care, Central Texas, Rural Transit Board, CARE Nursing Center, Dairy Queen, Early Economic Development, Hyde Law Firm, Oak Ridge Manor, and Redstone Park for their support and participation in seeing this endeavor be a success.

Again – thanks to each that participated in any way – YOU are the reason the afternoon was a success.

Nancy Byler, Brownwood Area

Texas Silver-Haired Legislative Representative

West Central Texas