Open letter too all of Brown County and particularly residents of Precinct 2

Mike Holder

I, am Mike Holder. I had nothing in my background which would be a detriment to my performing this job of Justice of the Peace. At least that is what I thought until confronted with an unsupported claim by the current incumbent holding this particular office. This is not what I want to address however. I have learned a valuable lesson in running for a political office and that is that any thing is fair; true or not. I made a promise to myself and my maker that I would not participate in any such incident yet I let myself be baited by a group of people who feel they are above the law when it comes to dealing with their constituents. I never claimed in any correspondence to anyone that I was perfect. There has been only one perfect individual on this earth and I fall well below his standards of perfection. But, I try. I was of the opinion that this abuse of myself and my family was sufficient to withdraw from the race. I was running for the office of Justice of the Peace, not against either John Lawson or Bob Wall. My mind was changed when I was asked by an elderly couple from the North Lake Community to please not give up. Evidently, my heart is in the right place even if my integrity is not. I honestly feel that there will be more mud slung from the man who claims to run a clean campaign. At least that is the rumor from his constituents from the North Lake Community. Nothing I have placed in this paper reflected against either of these men and that is the way I wanted it. Mr. Lawson contacted me the night of the election and offered his support. On Friday he contacted my wife and stated that he would rather not endorse either of the candidates. John Lawson is a good man and I respect him for his honesty although I would have appreciated his help. I am the one running for the office, not my brother or my wife yet both of them have been brought into this fight because the incumbent feels this is his office and no one else should have it. It's called ownership. You, the voters of precinct 2, are the ones to determine the occupant of this office no one else. This individual reflects your ideals of justice. I just ask that you ask yourselves if this individual reflects your ideals. If not, now is the time to make a change. I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.

Respectfully, Mike Holder