When do they start?

Don Yoes of May

Do you receive as many requests to sign petitions and fill out surveys as I do? They are to be used to urge and ask and petition our congress to do something to gain control of our administrative branch of government. Of course, there is always the request to donate $35 to $500 to help defray cost, etc. I would think that most of that goes for “etc.” We know Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and even Savage with all of his PHD's are not going to do it. Even all of my letters of complaint are not going to get it done. What it is going to take is a congress with some spine and character.

It seems to me that most of our political contestants for congress all ask for the job to manage our and the Nation's business. I remember that they all tell us what a good job they are going to do. I can't recall any of them even suggesting that they might have to be urged, shoved, pushed or asked, and most certainly not petitioned, to do the right thing for the voters.

I always thought that they would care enough about their jobs in congress to keep a rein on the administrative branch that now exists. Boy, have I been proven wrong!! I'm basing this on what the guy in the oval office recently said... “he didn't even need Congress, because he has a phone and a pen,” and the way he has been demonstrating “change.”

I keep asking our congress, and I'm speaking to both sides of the aisle, “when in the Hell are you going to punch in and start?”

Don Yoes